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Teach Your Child How To Bike: Expert Advice
Want to teach your child how to bike but don’t know where to start? This article contains expert advice from industry leaders. Hardtail Canada produced...
Women’s Guide to MTB: Essential Beginner Tips
Hardtail Canada endeavours to provide useful, experience-backed information for Canadian mountain bikers. Part of this mission is developing high-quality, women specific content as it's a...
670 Collective and Southeast Alberta Biking
670 Collective and Southeast Alberta Biking This was written by 670 Collective: The 670 Collective Mountain Bike Club builds and maintains trails in the Southeast...
26 v 27.5 Fat Bike Wheels: Is there a Difference?
How much should wheel size factor into your fat bike decisions? In this article I’m reflecting on my experience riding both 26 and 27.5 fat...
Chromag Scarab Review | High Performance Flat Pedal
If you're in the market for a performance flat, the Chromag Scarab should be at the top of your list. The Chromag Scarabs were my...
How to Decide if You Need Studded Fat Bike Tires
$250-$300 for a single tire. Worth it? Studded fat bike tires will run you $250-$300 A TIRE whether you buy them studded or stud them...
Winter Fat Biking: What to Wear for Comfort
With the right clothes you can lay in snow all day. You’re new to fat biking and want to ride comfortably. Should you dress in...
Bike Better: Hire a Mountain Bike Coach
Mountain bike coaches are there for you, every step of the way. Hardtail Canada is publishing a series of Mountain Bike Coach articles in collaboration...
Cushcore Review | How it Lives up to the Hype
Cushcore is a big beefy tire insert that doesn't mess around. Cushcore claims their tire inserts improve suspension performance, cornering speed, rolling speed, and damping,...

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