Jocelyn Sends it on her Giant XTC 29er 1!

Jocelyn Sends it on her Giant XTC 29er 1!

hardtail jump
Who says you need a rear suspension to send it?!

Jocelyn, on her Giant cross-country hardtail! 

Jocelyn and her dad Rob ride almost identical bikes. In Rob’s words:

We do a lot of racing and ride almost identical bikes with the exception that Jocelyn rides lighter wheels (I run 32h NoTubes Arch rims and she runs 28h Crests). She can get away with more ti/aluminium nuts and bolts too. The upside to this strategy is that it simplifies maintenance and when we travel to ride and race we can swap parts and bring fewer spares.

We like to ride lots. Plenty of riding, shredding, local racing, cup racing, stage races and group rides. While we frequently get told that FS is the way to go, we really appreciate our hardtails because they take an impressive beating, require very little maintenance, and with some practice and skill put the power down directly to the trails.

Ideally, this all means more riding, less servicing and more speed. A formula that seems to work pretty good for us so far.

Bikes: Giant XTC 29er 1’s

• Full Shimano XT drivetrains and brakes (with a few lighter bits thrown in)
• Fox forks with custom tuning
• Custom NoTubes wheels, alloy nipples and butted spokes

Ride hard, win races, shred a hardtail!


Thanks for the awesome submission Rob!

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