Chromag Scarab Review | High Performance Flat Pedal

Chromag Scarab Review | High Performance Flat Pedal

chromag scarab
If you're in the market for a performance flat, the Chromag Scarab should be at the top of your list.

The Chromag Scarabs were my first real flat pedal. Before them I had average flats with no fancy features like machined metal, serviceable axles, and customizable pins.

I came across the Scarabs in a bike shop in La Ventana, Mexico. I could tell they were the real deal: heavy, solid, and serious.

They were actually cheaper in the shop than back home, so I decided to buy myself a little Canadian present from Mexico.

These platforms have been extremely well performing in spite of getting hammered on everything for a couple seasons of Enduro riding. These days they find their home on my fat bike, as I’m back to SPD’s on my new Enduro bike/ hardtail for unrelated reasons.

If you’re looking for a serious performance pedal that sticks to your foot, is customizable and looks great you can’t go wrong with the Chromag Scarabs.

Chromag Scarab Review

Chromag Scarab Performance

chromag scarab custom
Plenty of options to dial in your custom pin placement.

My first impression on my first ride was Wow–I can’t believe how much my feet stick to these! Using Five 10 Freerider shoes I felt completely glued to the platform. I could even pull them back and up past horizontal when the pedals were slack.

I’m 6’3 and have size 12/13 feet. These pedals are more than enough for me to feel grounded. Even in rocky messes it’s never difficult for your feet to find these pedals, and they are super solid.

If you’re in need of serious Enduro pedals, these should be at the top of your list. I wish I had more high-end flat experience to compare these against, but they left me wanting for nothing and are beautifully built.

But, if you are trying to save weight or want a less intense XC/ Trail option, these aren’t the pedals for you.

For fat bikers, these pedals cut through snow and there has never been an issue with winter boots slipping.


chromag scarab pin
The height of each pin can be raised or lowered with the supplied washers.

These pedals provide you with multiple options for pin placement, and two options for pin height.

Simply unscrew and screw the pins into the holes that work best for your riding style and the level of grip you want. Add or remove the pin washer to fine tune the height.

The pins are designed to shear when they experience large forces, to protect your pedal from impact damage.

So, with the Scarabs, you not only get an awesome pedal, you also get plenty of options to customize the feel. This is not possible on a cheaper pedal, and another big benefit to owning a pair of Chromag Scarabs.


Maintenance on these is super simple. Simply remove the nuts from either end of the pedal, pull the axle, clean and re-grease, then put it all back together.

Chromag sells axle kits for when you need a complete overhaul. You can also buy extra pins.

What does this mean? When you buy Scarabs, expect them to last a long time.

Chromag Scarab Closing Thoughts

The Chromag Scarabs are a beautifully constructed, high performing, grippy, solid platform that is completely serviceable and customizable.

If you’re in the market for a new flat, especially for Enduro/ DH style riding, and don’t mind paying for performance, the Chromag Scarabs should be at the top of your list.


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