Review: Deity Supracush Grips | Great Choice for Bigger Hands

Review: Deity Supracush Grips | Great Choice for Bigger Hands

deity supracush grips

“Your Dream Grip”–Deity’s right about that!

Until the Deity Supracush Grips I had always struggled with arm pump. I’m 6’3 and stock grips were always too small.

I always knew I should upgrade to XL grips, but never got around to it. Had I known what a difference they would make I’d have done it way sooner.

Earlier this year I built up a custom hardtail. Speccing XL grips was top of mind. On a hardtail more force is transferred through the bike. This would lead to even more arm pump than I was used to (I had been on a enduro full suspension before).

The manager of The Bike Shop Calgary, a fellow Sasquatch rider, recommended the Deity Supracush Grips.

I’d never heard of them. But I trusted his advice and added a pair to the long list of custom parts for the new bike.

And they have been a game changer. 

I’ve been blown away by their performance. I barely notice any arm pump these days. No small feat considering the steep rooty descents I regularly take my aggressive hardtail down. I don’t see myself considering different XL grips anytime soon.

Here’s why.

Deity Supracush Grips Review

Orange Supracushs on my current hardtail.

These grips are ultra cozy right out of the package. 

If you don’t believe me, go to your local bike shop and check them out! 

They are plush, yet supportive. They squish just the right amount. It’s tough to explain. Deity has a fancy buzz word for their proprietary rubber, but whatever scientific mumbo jumbo they want to spew out, these grips feel great. 

The outside diameter is 34mm. Deity mentions in a press release that the Deity Supracush Grips are for riders of all hand sizes. I have to disagree with that. If they fit my hands well, and I have bigger hands than the average rider, I doubt these grips would be OK for average hands. 

As far as aesthetics and construction go, they look great and install easily. 

I put them on my Race Face 35mm Turbine R Handlebars. My stock hardtail build came with a weak stock fork from Suntour, so I knew my arms were going to take a beating on descents because of the stiffer 35mm bars and stem.

For that reason, I’m confident I’ve put these grips through their paces descending steep, technical, rooty terrain. Traversing rocky trails at speed. Long sustained descents that pushed my grip stamina on a full suspension with softer bars and stem.

And what a difference they have made. 

I’m pretty sure that if it wasn’t for the Supracushs, riding the hardtail like I have would have given me arthritis in both my forearms by now had I stayed with the stock grips. 

For any bigger riders shopping for an XL grip, or looking to try something different, go and buy these grips right now! 

The arm pump I experience on my hardtail is less than on my old 6” travel enduro bike. These grips are a big reason for that. 

The larger outside diameter is far more comfortable than any smaller, stock grip: the feeling is simply more natural and there is less need to squeeze the grips.

The rubber, whatever proprietary compound it is, works wonders.

They are supple, yet supportive. The diamond pattern provides plenty of grip–I have never once lost hand position or slipped because of these Deity Supracush Grips.

After half a season of consistent riding they are in excellent shape and look like they could still be on the show room floor.

Bottom Line: these perform unbelievably well. There is plenty of industry hype about these grips, and the specs, and a host of other fluffy marketing buzz words.

But as a bigger, taller, heavier rider on a hardtail these grips have been an absolute game changer. I barely notice any arm pump on extended descents.

I expected some improvement, but not a complete night and day contrast.

If I had normal sized grips, or XL grips with weaker rubber, I know my arms would be screaming in agony on any sustained downhill. The Deity Supracush Grips have resulted in more strength and stamina on extended descents. They have done their job.

For any bigger riders considering Deity Supracush Grips, you cannot go wrong with these!


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3 years ago

You should check out the Wolf Tooth Fat Paws too! I’ve got them on my rigid Karate Monkey and they’re the only thing that I’ve tried that keeps my hands from going numb

3 years ago

Helpful article. Has anyone tried ergonomic styled grips? It seems like it would help better support the outer side of your palm and fingers? Almost like a tapered grip but much chunkier. I have early stage hand arthritis and wondered if this would help. Thoughts?

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