Jessica’s Giant Talon 1 2021

Jessica’s Giant Talon 1 2021

2021 giant talon 1

Giant Talon 1 2021

Thanks to Jessica for sending her Giant Talon 1 2021!

This is what she likes about the build, and biking on Vancouver Island, in her own words:

I’ve taken it for a couple short rides so far, I love how smooth everything is on it, considering before this I was using my moms old 20 year old hardtail so this was sure a nice upgrade!

I love the wide handlebars on it as well as I actually find the seat it came with to be pretty comfortable so far! (I’m picky with seats)

The bike is currently stock. I’m looking into upgrading my pedals right away, currently I’ve got my eyes on Race Face Chester mountain bike pedals (in same blue color as the bike) and might do future upgrades to it.

I’m new to mountain biking so I’ll ride it like this for a while till I firgure out what upgrades I’d like to do. I did order a quadlock mount for it so I can have my phone mounted right in front of me because I do often record my rides on Strava. It gives me something to look back on to compare rides and see progress. I like that it tracks speed, distance, time and elevation.

I got this bike from Mountain City Cycle in Courtenay, BC. They were absolutely fantastic to deal with, my boss also buys his bikes from this store (he is very into mountain biking). Highly recommend them!

Favorite trail has to be the horse bike loop extended at seal bay nature park. It’s not a technical trail but I enjoy it because I can go fast. 

Other trails in my area is Nymph falls, Forbidden plateau, and Cumberland. Trail association is United Riders of Cumberland. The work that the trail crew does is incredible, they have a full time crew working on these trails! The Cumberland trail network is made of 186 different trails and 195kms of trails.


Thanks for the submission Jessica! Maybe we can see the “after” photo when your upgrades arrive!

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