Mike’s BXT XC 29er Custom Build

Mike’s BXT XC 29er Custom Build

BXT XC 29er

BXT XC 29er

Thanks to Mike for submitting his BXT XC 29er! This is his build, in his own words:

I’ve always had a hardtail in the stable, selling my last full suspension in favour of a trail hardtail racing enduro races and blasting Black Diamond trails on what people think is a burden to ride.

Before the Pandemic I had plans to race the xterra offroad triathlon. Having a long travel, heavy hardtail wasn’t something I was interested in racing. I decided to build a full carbon bike on the cheap using a known eBay frame supplier and pulling parts from my spare part bin.

The frame is a BXT xc 29er thru axle, the fork was a take off I purchased off a fellow rider for cheap! I also purchased the Stans tubeless wheel set off another rider.

The drivetrain is a 9 speed take off from my fat bike, I purchased a full carbon crank and am running a 34 tooth with an 11-36 cassette. I’m running a carbon 800mm bar.

Finding parts has been a chore. I originally wanted to put my carbon Avid brakes but finding the proper fittings to extend the lines was near impossible. So I was able to track down a set of Tektro hydraulics and will see how they work for this season.

The bike is a blast to ride, it’s a xc geometry with a short travel 100mm fork, it’s nimble, fast and a blast to ride on single track. Full build it weighs in at 23 lbs, with higher end components I could definitely get it under 21lbs race ready.

This is a perfect bike to ride in Larose forest and Gatineau park single track

Nice ride, Mike! Thanks for the submission.

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