Shannon’s Rocky Mountain Growler 50 ’21 Custom Build

Shannon’s Rocky Mountain Growler 50 ’21 Custom Build

rocky mountain growler 50

Rocky Mountain Growler 50 2021

Thanks to Shannon for sending her Rocky Mountain Growler 50 2021 custom build!

This is a unique frame: A first edition with reverse paint scheme. Only 40 were made! Looks rad, especially with those Atlas pedals and bar.

She’s super stoked on her Growler, which was a gift from her boyfriend!

Here’s the rest of her build, in her own words:

She is light, the push is super easy, she rolls really fast and the climbing seems easy (am comparing the growler to my Rocky Mountain Blizzard) and she is sexy as fwak!

Am not much of technical rider (still learning) but I absolutely love long hauls, flowy runs, hill climbing and some really loose switchbacks…sooooo my fav trails in Edmonton are: Six shooter/ Bottle Rocket/Mustang / Mooseknuckle/ Skoot and Shoot/ Victoria Secret and Lovers Lane.

For local conditions and info I follow Edmonton Mountain Bike and Running Trails conditions / Hardtail Canada group 😉 / Alberta Fat biking
Mud Sweat and Gears (Spruce Grove) is my go-to bike shop. Absolutely amazing group of individuals working there. They’re supportive, knowledgeable and just super people to deal with!

I’ve been riding a hard tail for a few years now and will continue to ride Hard Tails, there’s just something about how simple but sexy they are. Am glad they are coming back with a vengeance. Some of these Hard Tails can run just as much as full squish.

With a full squish there is so many moving parts and bulky suspension but with Hard Tail it’s just clean and I love how all the cables are nicely in house without a lot of cables going everywhere.

I rode a Rocky Mountain instinct for one year (then someone stole her) and I struggled with cornering but with riding Hard Tail that seems to go away. This summer is going to be a fun one. I’ve been riding my fattie all year, so now that I am on this slick, sexy, light bike my riding will change (I will be purchasing a new full face helmet soon 😉 ).

Thanks for the cool submission Shannon! That’s an eye-catching paint scheme, and it’s always great to see another Growler!

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