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Hardtail Canada Story

Hardtail Canada was created to be an everyday mountain biker’s site for practical information and community.

Mountain biking can be intimidating, especially when you’re starting out. Most of the focus in the bike industry is on pro riders or the latest and greatest tech, neither of which apply to the everyday mountain biker. There’s so much to learn about bike trails, technique, and bikes themselves–Hardtail Canada will strive to provide this kind of content. Hardtail.ca will also work to promote a sense of community through our Trails N Java, Gallery, Hardtail Showcase, and Forum sections. 

We will also publish specific articles for hardtails, and for Sasquatch Riders who put higher demands on their gear and require different considerations than most bikers.

Above all, Hardtail Canada wants to motivate people to get out on their bikes and inform them about all aspects of mountain biking.

For more information and background about the site’s creator, go here.

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