Bells of Steel

Bells of Steel

bells of steel home gym

My home gym setup. You can see my bike trainer in the lower right corner.

Bells of Steel and Hardtail Canada

Workout gear may seem out of place on a mountain biking site, but training off the trails is a great way to improve performance on the trail.

After buying Bells of Steel gear, and being impressed by the build quality at competitive prices, I reached out to them. I’m proud to say I’m now an affiliate and will be reviewing their gear, with mountain bike training in mind.

I originally learned of the company through a friend — a former football and ski coach — who highly recommended them. After moving out of a condo with a cushy gym, I wanted a setup at home. And, like everyone else during Covid, I wanted gym gear so I could still workout while everything was shut down.

I’m not a weight lifting expert, but I have always strength trained. Having all this available in my house is a luxury. Anytime I want a workout, I just have to walk down the stairs!

As you can see in the photo above, my gym is pretty minimalistic. Rack, bar, crumb bumper plates, hex dumbbells, dip bar, and flat bench. I plan on adding a pulley when they are back in stock, but this is about all I need! With my bike trainer just steps away, this is a great, compact home gym.

Stay tuned for reviews about their gear, and how you can use it to train for biking!

Bells of Steel Residential Power Rack Review


Bells of Steel FAQ

I can 100% say Bells of Steel is legit. In fact, I was shocked by the quality when I unpacked it all. At the price point, I was expecting basic quality.

I have used workout gear from all the main players at gyms — York, Rogue, Life Fitness, etc — and the Bells of Steel gear I bought is just as functional as any of them. This may sound like hype, but I know if you check them out, you’ll be just as impressed. And you can feel safe buying sight unseen online.

Bells of Steel is a 100% Canadian owned and operated business. They have since expanded stores into the United States.

Bells of Steel is owned by Kaevon Khoozani. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kaevon, and he is the real deal. He started Bells of Steel as a side business, and it rapidly expanded into the competitive force it is today. When you buy from Bells of Steel, have confidence knowing you are supporting authentic small business, and not a rich, foreign-owned company.

If you want quality weight lifting and workout gear at extremely competitive prices, backed by excellent customer service, Bells of Steel can’t be beat.

At every step of my process, they were responsive. And when I added new gear to a separate order I was picking up, they went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of on extremely short notice.


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