Mad Scientist MTB

Mad Scientist MTB

Mad Scientist MTB is based out of Ontario, Canada, and his set of custom build bike calculators is next level.

Whether you’re curious about seeing bike geometry in action, want to better understand what all the different numbers mean, or if you want to calculate modifications to your bike, this is absolutely the site to visit. He also has a gear ratio calculator, and an oil blending viscosity calculator — I didn’t even know that was a thing!

Click on the list below to be taken directly to the custom-built tools.


If you want to know the effect of that custom fork with more travel than your stock fork, an angled headset, stack height changes by adding or removing spacers under your stem, and many others, check out the Bike Geometry Calculator.

If you want to compare up to 4 bikes, all with custom geometry, checkout the Bike Fit and Geometry Comparison Tool.

If you want to switch your rigid fork out for a suspension form, and want the same geometry in a neutral riding position, use the Sagged Hardtail Geometry Calculator.

If you want a rigid fork for your hardtail, but want the geometry/ bike fit to feel the same as when you have your suspension fork on, use the Rigid Fork Axle-to-Crown Calculator.

Thinking of changing components in your drivetrain and want to know what the effect will be? Want to compare two different setups? Then use the Drivetrain Range Comparison Calculator.

Doing a suspension service, and don’t have the oil you need, but have plenty of others laying around? If you need to blend some and want to achieve the same viscosity and volume as a target oil solution, use the Oil Blending Viscosity Calculator.

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