Roof Racks Calgary

Roof Racks Calgary

roof racks calgary

Roof Racks Calgary is a one-stop shop for all your rack needs.

They are part of the AQ Outdoors business which is known for their excellent customer service and one-on-one professionalism.

I once ordered a Yakima rack from them, only to later realize it was poorly designed and my bike (an XL enduro with a wide wheelbase) did not fit.

They promptly exchanged it for a Thule T2 Pro XT2 with zero hassle. I still have this rack and it has been excellent.

This level of customer service is tough to find. Roof Racks Calgary understands the investment these products are, and have your back.

They carry the big names and a wide assortment of products. If there is something specific you need they will special order it for you.

They are conveniently located along HWY1, on the way to or from the mountains.

Drop in and check them out sometime!

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