Stoked Oats

Stoked Oats

Hardtail Canada is proud to announce an ambassadorship with Stoked Oats!

One crisp winter afternoon, after fat biking with the girlfriend at West Bragg Creek, I noticed a Stoked Oats van in the parking lot. Realizing they’re a Canadian brand based in Calgary, I reached out to them.

And here we are!

Stoked Oats produces natural, organic oat blends out of their production locations in Calgary and Toronto. Their oats are sourced from family farmers in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Their boxes are produced by a Canadian manufacturer. Other ingredients are sourced from local producers wherever possible.This Canadian brand, committed to supporting communities at the ground level, is in line with Hardtail Canada’s mission to produce authentic vibes across this country.

Their oats come in a variety of mixes. My favourite is the Bucking-Eh. The combination of spices, currants, and other goodies is completely dialed. It doesn’t take much of this mix to keep my 220 lb. frame moving for a couple hours!

And if you slept in and don’t have time to grab a coffee, the caffeine infused Redline will quick start your day!

Stay tuned for related Stoked Oats content, and discount codes for Hardtail Canada readers.

To learn more, and order the fuel for your adventures, check out Stoked Oats Review.

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