yyc mtb

YYC MTBĀ provides mountain bike coaching and lessons for Calgary and the surrounding area.

They ride all of Kananaskis, and Calgary. Most of the programs takes place outside of the city.

They are the first stop shop for beginners and intermediate riders. YYCMTB also has a strong advanced following. Finally, they have a selection of kids’ programs.

One of their more popular programs is the “Season’s Pass.” These are curated weekly rides that get you out on your bike, exploring Calgary and area bike trails, developing your mountain bike skills, and meeting new riders!

Many people who meet through this program end up forming friendships and their own biking groups! A great option if you are new to the sport and want a casual introduction.

The owners, Mike and Jodi, share Hardtail Canada’s vision for bringing helpful mountain biking awareness and good vibes to all Canadians.

In the future we’ll be collaborating on articles, so stay tuned!

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