Bike Trails Calgary

Bike Trails Calgary

Bike Trails Calgary

bike trails Calgary

The 3 main networks for XC bike trails Calgary are: Bowmont, Paskapoo, and Fish Creek Park.

Bowmount and Paskapoo are located close to each other on the West side of Calgary.

Fish Creek is located further south.

They all have a variety of shorter trails to hop on and off of. They are all cross-country, although some have steeper sections. For trail info use Trailforks.

If you want a pure downhill experience, grab a lift ticket and ride the trails at Canada Olympic Park.

Cadence Cafe is conveniently located between the Bowmount and Paskapoo trail networks on the West side of Calgary.

It’s the perfect stop while riding in this area. Cadence offers several delicious breakfast options, so it’s also the ideal location to start your morning before heading out of town!

The Bike Shop Calgary is your go-to store for expert advice, service, and experience.

They are the only Calgary Bike Shop I deal with and they are fantastic. I cannot say enough good things about them.

They have 3 locations: one in the Northwest, one Downtown, and another on Macleod Trail just south of Glenmore.

The Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance works hard maintaining and building Calgary bike trails. They’ve also built pump tracks and skill parks.

Check them out if you want to get involved, or donate money for their efforts.

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