Moose Mountain Bike Trails

Moose Mountain Bike Trails

Moose Mountain Bike Trails

moose mountain bike trails

Moose Mountain is located 45 minutes West of Calgary, and 15 minutes Southwest of Bragg Creek.

Most trails are downhill only. You can shuttle up Moose Mountain Road or pedal up either Family Guy or Pneuma. Both are physically challenging; Pneuma is old school and technically demanding.

Park at Ing’s Mine Lot if you plan on climbing Family Guy. All trails on the West side of Moose Mountain end up in this lot.

If you plan on pedalling up and riding the trails on the East Side of Moose Mountain Road, park at Station Flats or the base of Moose Mountain Road.

Any of these lots are appropriate for shuttling.

These trails are for intermediate and advanced riders. Take the signage seriously–if it sounds like the trail is out of your league, it probably is. This area has limited cell service and emergency services are delayed.

For an intermediate introduction to downhill, checkout out SHAFT or Race of Spades. 727 is also a crowd pleaser. 

For more advanced options, TDub is a local classic. Jean Guy is another great option.

Rumour is there’s a massive jump trail hidden somewhere in the woods…Hardtail Canada will post an update when this trail is sanctioned.

On your way to Moose Mountain be sure to stop by The Heart for your coffee and baking fix!

The staff are extremely friendly. The goodies are baked in the oven behind the counter–the delicious aroma is a mainstay for this cozy little cafe which also doubles as a yoga studio.

It is a great place to meet up with a couple friends before hitting the trails.

Calgary Cycle 22X is the closest bike shop to Moose Mountain if something goes wrong or you need to grab a couple things. I have not personally been in this store, but their sister stores in Calgary have always been helpful and accommodating whenever I’ve needed something.

Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society does a fantastic job maintaining, developing new features, and securing funding for new trails.

This is a great downhill network close to Calgary and their efforts are not taken for granted.

If you ride this network, buy your yearly Moose Mountain membership to help fund maintenance and new trails. 

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