Redcliff/ Medicine Hat Bike Trails

Redcliff/ Medicine Hat Bike Trails

Redcliff/ Medicine Hat Bike Trails

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The Redcliff/Medicine Hat riding area is found just off the Transcanada Highway with a few different access and parking points along the South Saskatchewan River Valley. There are some great views and great rides through the valley, prairies and badlands available for riders of all skill levels.  https://www.trailforks.com/region/redcliff/

The black technical trails like Falcon Punch, Old School, Billy Goat and Frigidaire get right up and personal with some of the major features found in badlands -steep exposures, sandstone and bentonite, cactus and sinkholes! 

Death Valley is a long blue that flows from the Golf course to the river which has some technical black option sections on it. Connecting Death Valley with the riverfront is Tequila Sunrise and Slow Burn, both blues that snake along the lower edge of the hills and provide access to other trails. Other blues include the handbuilt flow trail Dialpack 500, technical Carl’s Revenge, and the scrambly lower valley trail DMZ.

There is a completely new build area near the Cemetary which currently has Tombstone, a green machine built flow trail and Dirtnap, a green technical trail, with more to come for 2021.  

Connecting the network to the City of Medicine Hat, Mr Burnside is a 5.6 km, machine-built, green trail that is nice and wide and makes a great introduction to riding in the area. There is a parking lot right off of the Transcanada on the north side of the river in Medicine Hat so it is a great diversion on a long highway drive.

Check out the Station Coffee Company for some beverages and baking while you are in town, accessible easily from the Transcanada as well.

And visit both our local bike shops Cyclepath and Gravity Sports for any accessories or parts that you may need while you are in the area.

670 Collective is the local trail association and were instrumental in the production of this post.

If you’re ever in Southeast Alberta and want to check out some unique terrain, at any time of year, then go ride some of the many awesome trails they’ve built.


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