West Bragg Creek Bike Trails

West Bragg Creek Bike Trails

West Bragg Creek Trails

west bragg creek

The West Bragg Creek trail area is located 30 minutes outside of Calgary, and 15 minutes west of Bragg Creek. For directions and trail conditions go here

The bike trails are well built and extremely popular. They are intermediate and not technically demanding, but a great workout! A perfect place to work on core skills and fitness while escaping the city. 

For a cruisy route try Bragging Rights – Merlin. This is a classic scenic loop and the downhill on Merlin is smooth and seems to go forever. For a longer ride, try Ranger Summit – Snakes ‘n Ladders – Ridgeback3 – Bobcat – Strange Brew. This 20km 800m tour offers the best climbs in the area, smooth descents, and amazing views of the foothills throughout.

On your way to West Bragg Creek be sure to stop by The Heart for your coffee and baking fix.

The staff are extremely friendly. The goodies are baked in the oven behind the counter–the delicious aroma is a mainstay for this cozy little cafe which also doubles as a yoga studio.

There are tables on the patio and it is a great place to meet up with a couple friends before hitting the trails.

Calgary Cycle 22X is the closest bike shop to West Bragg Creek if something goes wrong or you need to grab a couple things. I have not personally been in this store, but their sister stores in Calgary have always been helpful and accommodating whenever I’ve needed something.

For trail conditions check out the GCBTA site. They do a fantastic job of maintaining the West Bragg Creek trail network. The area experiences substantial traffic year round from bikers, Fatbikers, hikers, runners, snowshoers, XC skiers, horse riders–and it rarely shows.

The trails are well made and there’s something for everyone. In winter the groomer gets out first thing after every major snowfall. I owe many early morning plush rips on fresh snow to the hard work of this organization! 

West Bragg Creek Trail Conditions

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